What’s this all about ?

Hello and welcome to my first blog. This blog is for all the foodies out there who goes to bed dreaming about their last meal and wake up thinking of your next one.

Niagara restaurants has a lot to offer with decadent surrounding, celebrity chefs and world class meals. With more than 150 restaurants in Niagara Falls, its hard to choose one but if you know what food you want to eat then I will try to help you decide the restaurant. Every week I will be choosing an authentic cuisine (from the 2015 top cuisines in world list) in Niagara and writing my experience.

The Indian restauarant that I helped in Designing in 2011 (Virginia, USA)

My blog will feature cuisines such as Mediterranean Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, Oriental Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Mexican Cuisine, Thai Cuisine, Greek Cuisine. Every week I will take to one restaurant that serves these cuisines and will review them according to these criteria.

  • price
  • Taste
  • Service
  • Ambiance
  • Overall experience

There is so much a world can offer and I will try to explore “The World Flavours In Niagara”. If you have any suggestion or want me to review a restaurant then please comment or contact and I will be happy to do so.

Looking forward to sharing my experience every week.

Good-bye, Hasta la Vista.


11 thoughts on “What’s this all about ?

  1. I would like to know more about restaurants.I really think this blog will help me get an idea of whoch restaurant I should go to and the ones that are not worth my time.

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  2. Great blog, who doesn’t love food? I am sure it will be a hit. I’ll have to try out a few of your suggestions the next time my friends and family from out of town come to the falls. Looking forward to your recommendations.

    P.S. Fun blog title!! : )

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  3. Looking forward to learning more about the hidden gems in Niagara! If you’re looking for a good Mediterranean/Italian restaurant, check out Cafe Amoré in St. Catharines! Their food is phenomenal, but desserts are out of this world!


  4. Congrats on your blog Abhi. I look forward to reading your reviews. You can do the dirty work and weed out the restaurants that are sub par. Don’t forget to report on the cleanliness of the establishments. Good luck.


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