Authentic Indian food at Moksha

This week I decide to explore Indian Cuisines in Niagara. Being an Indian away from home, I am always curious to find the genuine, real and bona fide Indian restaurant to overcome my cravings. I have tried almost every Indian restaurant in Niagara Falls and I think after visiting Moksha, my search is over.

As the name says โ€œMoksha โ€“ Indian Bistroโ€, Moksha is a small restaurant located just outside the famous Clifton hill area on Stanley Avenue. If you need some quiet time after a long and busy day, this is the restaurant you want to be in. My friends and I went to moksha yesterday and had the best Indian food we’ve had in a long time.

Moksha from outside

After entering the restaurant, we were promptly seated as we were the only oneโ€™s there. The menu has plenty of choices – great if you are vegetarian or gluten free. We started with samosaโ€™s, bhelpuri (Puffed rice, vegetables and tangy tamarind sauce) and chicken tikka. I am not a big fan of samosa so it was ok but bhelpuri and chicken tikka (Juicy chicken morsels hand rubbed with seasoning blends) were amazing. Each spoon of bhelpuri was cooling with a hint of spice which is what I wanted in bhelpuri.

Samosa’s with chutney

I like their concept of having naan and rice with every curry item. We had 2 butter chicken, Paneer tikka masala and Dal makhani. After having my butter chicken, I must say there must have been some wizardry happening in the kitchen because the food was amazing. The chana masala was spicy and flavorful (not over powered with heat).

Butter chicken with complementary naam and rice

Now for the factors other than food โ€“ Price was little high when compared to other Indian restaurants, we paid $179 for 4 appetizers, 5 curry items, 5 deserts and 4 non-alcoholic drinks. The ambience was great with perfect lighting and soothing music. The interior was ok and could be something they can work on.ย The service was very good ย and the wait time was reasonable. The server was extremely friendly and informative, taking the time to explain the menu and answered all my questions.

Interior of Moksha

Now, I will conclude by giving out ratings

  • Price โ€“ 3.5/5
  • Taste โ€“ 4.5/5
  • Service โ€“ 4/5
  • Ambianceย โ€“ 4/5
  • Overall experience โ€“ 4/5

11 thoughts on “Authentic Indian food at Moksha

  1. I’ve been to Moksha (on your friend’s recommendation) and I thought it was fantastic. I don’t usually eat spicy food, but it was delicious. Thankfully the waiter was very attentive and kept our water topped up. Yummy!! I’ll definitely go back.

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  2. Hello,

    Interesting post! I love Indian food, but I have not tried this restaurant yet. 179$, steep price, but I guess the better the quality- the higher the price. I will have to try this place.

    If you’re looking for an interesting restaurant to try- go to the Office, downtown St. Catharines. It’s quite yummy.

    Cool post- Katherine

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  3. The dishes looks so tasty! I like the look of its storefront, seems like a nice place to gather with friends and relax from the stress. As an Indian restaurant recommended by an Indian, I really want to give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation, Abhi!


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