Chinese near Clifton Hill (New York)

When the Chinese opened its gates to the world and to globalization it gave the world something new and exciting. Modern Chinese culinary. Different versions of Chinese food is enjoyed all over the world. Chinese cuisine has gained much popularity worldwide in the last 40 years and even though authentic Chinese food is far from the one we enjoy at our home served in little brown bags and fortune cookies, it is still well received by the general public.

New York restaurant from outside

This week I wanted to explore Chinese cuisine in Niagara Falls and many names popped up. Restaurants such as the Mandarin, Magnolia, and the Wind serves  more expensive and delicate Chinese food among other oriental food whereas the New York and Jasmine serves more common version of American-Chinese food such as Kung Pao  Chicken and Szechwan rice and shrimps.  After careful consideration, I went to the New York because of its location and my budget.

From the outside, the restaurant doesn’t appear fancy but the interior is decently decorated. It has a very warm, cozy and homely feeling to it. I was greeted well but the waitress and was offered drinks and menu card with a genuine smile, something that breaks the mold of McDonaldization of service. My food arrived after 10 minutes as Chinese food are famous for its quick preparation. I ordered chicken Fried Rice and General Tso Chicken and they complimented each other well. I did find my food a bit too oily for my taste but then American-Chinese or Indo-Chinese food are made with abundant oil.


The total cost of my food was 12 dollars and the quantity was fulfilling in comparison to the price of my food. I recommend my readers to visit the New York Restaurant at the Clifton Hill if they ever fancy cheap and everyday Chinese food in Niagara Falls.

Now the ratings-

  • Price – 4/5
  • Taste – 3.5/5
  • Service – 4/5
  • Ambiance – 3/5
  • Overall experience – 3.5/5

7 thoughts on “Chinese near Clifton Hill (New York)

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience makes my mouth water and I feel like running to the restaurant right now and have a sumptuous meal.


  2. Great post Abhi, Niagara falls has few too many good Chinese options. Haven’t been to New York definitely need to check that out now.


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