Mexican on Victoria (Cabo Cantina)

With only a few weeks left for this adventure to end, me and my friends went to experience the decadence of Mexican cuisine in Niagara Falls. With an increasing number of Mexican students and tourists, Niagara Falls has an ample amount of restaurants that features Mexican cuisine. Mexican food is known for using a variety of spices. It is not meant for the weak of heart and stomach however for those who loves spicy food Mexican cuisine will open new doors to flavors their taste buds didn’t know existed.

For my adventure this week, I went to Cabo Cantina a well presented Mexican restaurant in Victoria Ave near Clifton Hill. Upon entering the first thing I was told by the hostess was that they will stop serving food in 20 minutes when it was only 8 pm. Even though a wish had been nice I acknowledged her statement and took my seat. The restaurant itself is pleasant and ambiance was themed towards Mexican culture. I was offered the menu and keeping the prior warning in mind I gave my order ASAP. I ordered Nachos as my starter and Mexican tacos and some local Mexican soft drink to go with my mains.

I realized that they were closing early due to the lack of customers which is when my nachos arrived after and they were cooked to perfection with cheese covering those golden chips and the occasional bite of grilled chicken with sprinkled green onion. My tacos followed shortly I was halfway done through my nachos. They didn’t meet my expectancy and were tasteless.

I spent about 50 dollars for two on my food bill which met my budget fairly. I can recommend my friends to give Cabo Cantina a try during the summer and order nachos and Jarritos soda on a hot summer evening with friends.

Now the ratings

  • Price – 3.5/5
  • Taste – 3.5/5
  • Service – 3.5/5
  • Ambiance – 4/5
  • Overall experience – 3.5/5